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"We Are Ambassadors" is a small-scale partnership in the field of youth, funded by Erasmus and the Estonia National Agency. Our primary objective is to empower young people and educators to prioritize sustainable development in their lives, education, and careers.
With over half of the global population under the age of 30, organizations and youth workers play a crucial role in educating and inspiring the future generation of community leaders, consumers, voters, and citizens.
Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Commission's "European Green Deal," our project focuses on two key targets: Goal 13 - Climate Action and Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production. These targets were chosen through voting among young people, reflecting their concerns and priorities.
By working with educators, we seek to transform learning environments worldwide into hubs of education and leadership on the SDGs. Through workshops, field visits, and inquiry-based activities, we aim to develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills in young people. Additionally, we strive to increase their global awareness and understanding of the environmental and climate change challenges caused by individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles.
Through tangible outcomes such as a project logo, leaflets, posters, a website, and social media accounts, we aim to raise awareness and engage a wider audience. We will also develop a handbook specifically focused on Goals 12 and 13, addressing responsible consumption and production and climate action. Furthermore, an ecological calendar and a comic strip will serve as engaging educational materials.


Ultimately, our project aims to create a network of cooperation and communication among youth workers, educators, and young people to achieve the SDGs. By providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools, we hope to equip the next generation to tackle the world's biggest challenges and create a better future.
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We are proud to have partner organizations from Germany, Turkey, Estonia, and Serbia. Together, we strive to achieve our common goals and make a positive impact. Welcome to our team!


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Join our team and make a difference! We are always looking for passionate individuals to help us achieve our goals. Become a volunteer and be a part of something great!
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